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~ Where do we go?

~ Why ride with us?

~ Whats included?

~ Is it motels or camping?

~ How much does it cost?

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What Our Guests Say...

"I thoroughly enjoyed the nine days. I would rate it up there with being one of my all time favorite vacations"
-Clark Ludahl, Vancouver, WA

"Great trip, I really enjoyed the variety of activities" 
- Dave Thompson, Bellevue, WA

"It was the time of my life. Something that I will always remember."
- Dave Kohlmeier, Redmond, WA

Kind of like DIY, but we do it for you!
What do you do if you want to bike tour with a group of friends
but you don’t want to carry all that gear
or go on one of those big event tours?

You go on an Unusual Tour
A bike tour where you organize the group and we take care of the rest.
Our crew will be at your disposal – kind of like a bicycle touring concierge.

  • Providing full SAG support during your ride – mechanical, first aid, and food & drink.
  • Includes transportation for riders, gear and bikes – before, during, and after your ride.
  • Choose motels, camping or a combination of both – it’s up to you and your group.
  • “Comfort Camping” with beds, showers and the works – camping like never before!
  • Customized to your groups interests – tell us what you want, we’ll take care of the rest.

         Lead the way -
  Organize your own tour.

    As a group organizer
  • You select the route
  • You set the pace of the ride
  • You choose the accommodations
  • You choose events and activities
  • You promote your tour to your friends
  • You receive an organizers discount

    We take care of the rest
  • We plan out your tour
  • We make all advance preparations
  • We provide a support crew
  • We take care of all transportation
  • We provide all “group” gear

    Create your own tour
  • Use our Tour Designer here
  • Receive back a draft itinerary
  • No commitment required

Your Friends --- Your Ride
Our Support

Riding past the SAG wagon

Custom Group Bike Tours

You form a group of 6-22 riders and choose your ride difficulty and pace. Ride centuries every day or short leisurely rides.  Your group decides.

  • You choose a destination from route suggestions throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Add optional hotel stays, activities, and events to round out your tour.

We plan your route, your overnight stays, and all events and activities.

  • We transport you to your destination and back, carry your gear and provide full SAG wagon and mechanical support.
  • We provide all of the food and drink from start to finish.
  • We provide the gear and supplies to allow you to camp in comfort.


You tell us where you want to go...
and what you want to do.
We’ll take care of the rest.

Relax and enjoy the ride!


To create your own custom group bicycle tour go to our custom tour page here.